Grayling | 60 Second Interview with Adam Mills, Badger GP

60 Second Interview with Adam Mills, Badger GP


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How long have you been a blogger for?

Around three and a half years now – after having a personal blog about everything from food, to holidays, to London commuting, I realised more focus would be a good thing. Being a long-time Formula 1 fan, I created, which is now completing its 3rd season of F1 coverage for fans.

What motivated you to start a blog?

I love writing and I know how to make websites, so I thought I’d marry those skills together with my passion for F1.  Originally, blogging for me was born out of boredom and looking for a better, more meaningful way of spending my free time.  I love how you can build a following and have thousands of people across the world reading and sharing your work.  The only issue is that I don’t have very much free time at all now…

Who is your average reader?

The F1 fan that enjoys being entertained, as well as catching up with all the goings on in the world of Grand Prix racing.   I have a surprising number of female readers too and, following a recent survey on the site, it’s clear that Formula 1 is far from being just for petrol-head Jeremy Clarkson wannabes – which is great for BadgerGP, because we’re more light-hearted and fun than your average F1 blog.  

What is the best thing you’ve done that has been organised by a PR?

Having the opportunity to meet and interview Mika Hakkinen is definitely a highlight, along with doing a hot lap in the Johnnie Walker Caparo with him.  He was such a terrific person, really chatty and a great ambassador for Johnnie Walker’s “Never drink and drive campaign” –  when you have a World Champion saying those words, you listen!  Having dinner with the Ferrari F1 team on the eve of the 2010 Italian Grand Prix is the only other PR thing that rivals it.

If you could take one food and drink item to a desert island, what would it be?

Don’t shoot me for sounding a bit dull, but if I had a supply of ham sandwiches I’d be happy on a desert island – yes there are more exciting food items, but you really can’t beat a good ham sandwich in my opinion.  As for a drink, it would have to be whisky – it’s a drink I never tire of.  It would warm me up on a cold desert island night, cheer me up if I was bored of only having ham sandwiches, and I could even use it to help start a fire… don’t want to sound like I’m toeing the Diageo line, but I’d be more than happy with having a supply of Johnnie Walker Black Label with me.

Which is your favourite bar in London?

There are too many favourites!  The OXO bar on the South Bank is a rather special place though – it manages to ooze style and sophistication without being stuffy.  When they have live musicians on and you can have drinks and food out on the balcony on a summer evening with one of the best views in London, it takes some beating.

If you could order any cocktail in the world, what would it be?

I do like my whisky, but it’s got to be straight and on the rocks. When it comes to cocktails, I’m more of a rum sort of gent and enjoy nothing more than rum with ginger beer and lime – no idea what it’s called, but it’s tasty and dangerously drinkable.